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Get Fit With Fini Personal trainer

Meet Your Trainer

Infinity Christian

My name is Infinity Christian. I am 26 years old with a passion in health and fitness. I am located in GREENVILLE, SC. I have been into fitness for about 8 years. When I'm not at the gym you can catch me working in the pharmacy. Working in the health care field has opened my eyes up to a lot of things. My goal in life is to help guide people towards a healthier lifestyle. I know what it's like to NOT know where to start or if you're even doing the whole "fitness" thing right.

When I began my fitness journey I was battling depression. I learned that the gym was MY outlet. I found comfort in rebuilding my confidence and looking the absolute best while truly being happy with myself. 

 I am not perfect and I am ALWAYS willing to learn more to be able to provide the best training and guidance for my clients.



My training method is to build a customized plan based on your health, schedule flexibility and most importantly, your personal fitness goals. As your personal trainer my goal is to transform your body while holding you accountable for the choices you make in your daily routine. It takes time, It takes discipline, It takes consistency!

My favorite saying is "how bad do you want it?"

 Let me help you..."Set Realistic and healthy goals!" 

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